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Promotional email messages and newsletter subscription

By subscribing to Newslater, you receive messages that advertise products, receive promotional offers, promotions, discounts, discount codes, and such messages are sent to users who have chosen the option of receiving promotional email messages and have given their consent.

In case you do not want to receive such messages at any time, you can cancel receiving messages by sending an email message with such a request to our email address or by simply clicking on the link located at the bottom of the newsletter to cancel it.

How you can give your consent to the newsletter:

  • A person signing up for the newsletter must confirm his consent twice. The first confirmation takes place when you enter your email address, and by entering your email it means that you want to receive the newsletter, after which the person receives an email in which he must once again confirm his consent and in that email he must click on the option "I want to receive the newsletter" to would receive it.
  • During registration, you also have the option to sign up for newslatter and give your consent by checking the box that you want to receive promotional messages (Newslater).

Why double confirmation when entering an email to receive the newsletter? Although double confirmation is not mandatory according to the GDPR, we have included this option in order to 100% satisfy the regulations of the GDPR and to be sure of the accuracy of the given email address for receiving messages and that you are familiar with the privacy rules . undertakes to use your email exclusively for the newsletter if you have given your consent for this purpose.

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