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Knight's Tournament armor with spear and shield

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Tournament armor with spear and shield made by Marto of Toledo
Although the origin of combat armor goes back to the Egyptian period, developing with the Greeks and Romans, the most famous medieval armor, composed of plates of steel or iron, interconnected by hooks, nuts and nails, holding the warrior by means of straps and buckles, began to be used in Europe, infantry as horsemanship, in the 14th century, and it reached perfection at the end of the 15th century, transforming in the middle of the 16th century into a luxurious garment for a warrior, decorated and embellished with the beauties of sculptural art and metal industry. It declined significantly in the 17th century as firearms were perfected, and since the 18th century they have been used only as an incomparable decoration of castles, palaces, museums and all those places that want to incorporate a beautiful historical memory into their remains.

The Royal Armory in Madrid houses one of the largest and richest collections of armor in the world, containing pieces mainly from the 16th century of Carlos I, from where Marto takes his inspiration by reproducing them in different sizes or scales, the materials used are very similar to the original, iron and steel cast in an artisanal way, brocade that imitates period fabrics, and wooden bases, finally giving the metal an antique patina that protects it from external oxidation.

- Height: approx. 200 cm
- Weight: approx. 50 kg
- Including wooden base
- Including certificate of quality and origin
- High quality medieval armor
- Manufactured by: Marto, model number: 905


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