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Tonbo Wakizashi Hanwei

SKU: SH2470

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Tonbo Wakizashi

The Tonbo Wakizashi blade is hand forged and folded from powdered steel.
Saya is a deep black polish with gold dragonflies. The tsuka uses high-quality rye leather (the same). Tsuka-ito is made of premium purple Japanese cotton. The tsuba is made of black iron, with details in gold and bronze and exquisite decoration in the form of dragonflies. Silk sageo complements this piece and is elegantly woven in navy blue and black. Fuchi and kashira are black with bronze and brass details, and kojiri, koiguchi and kurikata are made of polished buffalo horn. Habaki is a one-piece brass construction.
Tonbo Katana is also available.

-Made by Hanwei SH2470
- Hand forged and folded steel blade
- Silk sageo
- Traditional construction
- Blade material: powder steel K120C
- Total length: approx. 69.9 cm
- Blade length: approx. 53 cm
- Handle length: approx. 14 cm
- Weight: approx. 663 g


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