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The Witcher: Wild Hunt Geralt Of Rivia Silver Sword

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REMARK! Price reduced due to a small defect, the top of the guard is sanded darker. Visible in the pictures.

Witcher Sword "Silver Sword""
This two-handed sword is a replica of one of the silver swords from the successful "The Witcher" video game series. In this game from the development studio CD Projekt RED, the wizard Geralt of Rivia always carries two types of sword with him: a steel sword, which he uses in battle against human and animal opponents, and a silver sword, which the monster hunter uses against many different creatures.

Approx. The 90.5 cm long blade made of 420HC steel, as well as the guard, are decorated with built-in and gold-plated inscriptions and symbols. The 25.5 cm long handle depicts two snake-like creatures intersecting each other. The wooden scabbard is covered with artificial leather and has a metal medallion and armor. It is equipped with a shoulder strap.

- Blade steel: 420 stainless
- Handle material: cast zinc
- Blade length: approx. 90.5 cm
- Total length: approx. 117.5 cm
- Width of the guard: approx. 19.6 cm
- Weight (without cover): approx. 1440


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