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Sunglasses Trizand Blue

SKU: T21149

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POLARIZATION + UV FILTER - sunglasses with polarization protect the eyes very well from excessive solar radiation, moreover, they prevent the access of polarized light to the eyes and reduce the formation of glare to a minimum. This has a positive effect on visibility and viewing contrast - also "into the sun".

UNIVERSAL DESIGN – Polarized glasses can be worn by both men and women. Their style will suit different styles, so you can put them on without hesitation whenever you need them.

ACCESSORIES - a soft "pouch" case is attached to the glasses, which can be closed by pulling the laces. In addition, there is a cloth for cleaning glasses.

MIROR EFFECT - glasses with mirror lenses are a hit in recent seasons. Mirrored glasses have lenses that imitate the mirror effect. The eyes of the person who wears them are practically invisible, thanks to which one does not see the direction in which they are looking, but only the reflection of what they see.


black/blue color
material: polycarbonate
dimensions: 15 x 14.5 x 5 cm
weight: 28g
weight in package: 54 g

Polarized mirror glasses are eye protection for women and men. Good glasses should not only protect your eyes from UV radiation, but also from polarized light. These are polarized sunglasses with a UV filter that provide perfect protection on sunny days.


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