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Medieval Tewkesbury Sword, 15th c. Practical

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Medieval Tewkesbury Scabbard Sword, 15th century, functional blunt,
Named after this historic battle, the Tewkesbury Classic Sword is an example of a cutting and thrusting longsword that was wielded in the late Middle Ages. This sword has the typical characteristics of a traditional sword. the late medieval longsword is modeled after the same swords that would have been used by both sides in a conflict at that time.
The Wars of the Roses, fought between 1455 and 1485, were a series of battles for the English crown between the Houses of York and Lancaster. Both families were members of the same European royal dynasty, the Plantagenets. After 30 years of political intrigue and terrible bloodshed, a local family feud led to the demise of the Plantagenet dynasty and the rise of the House of Tudor. The Battle of Tewkesbury, fought on May 4, 1471, was a decisive Yorkist victory that killed the young Lancastrian heir, Prince Edward of Wales, and fully established King Edward IV. on the throne. This marked the beginning of England's longest period of political stability in this multi-generational conflict, which, however, immediately flared up again after the death of Edward IV. in 1483.

The long, double-edged blade is forged from hardened EN45 spring steel. It tapers slightly towards the top and is filled about half of its length on both sides, with a flattened diamond section to the top. The thick edges are not sharpened, the top is rounded, but the entire top of the blade is attached to the apple. The handle consists of a wooden handle core wrapped in black leather. The shield is about 23 cm long and 0.5 cm thick. His quilons have flared finials, but the brother-in-law is decorated with a cross-shaped cutout. This late medieval hand sword comes complete with a black wood and leather scabbard with a blue steel throat and scabbard.
This is a combat-ready version of the Tewkesbury sword. The blunt edges of the blade, 1.5 mm / 2 mm thick and the rounded tip make this sword ideal for the reconstruction of a light fight, a fight on stage or sparring.

- Practical blunt version for combat reconstruction
practical swords
- Material: EN45 spring steel (high carbon steel, not stainless), mild steel guard and apple, wooden handle covered with leather
- Total length: approx. 118 cm
- Blade length: approx. 90 cm
- Handle length: approx. 25 cm (grip eye 19 cm)
- Max. blade width: approx. 5.5 cm
- Balance point: approx. 12.5 cm from the guard
- Cutting edges: approx. 1.5 / 2 mm
- Incl. wooden scabbard with genuine leather upholstery and steel hardware
- Weight without shell: approx. 1.8 kg
- Weight with peel: approx. 2.4 kg


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