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SURVIVAL SET 32in1 XL Survival

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Survival set of elements for 32 functions that you need for a carefree stay in nature. All survival equipment is in a black box where there is a seal that prevents water from entering inside and protects the equipment. The whole box closes with 4 clips, so there is no danger of the box opening! There are also holes on the case that will allow you to thread the string and hang it around your neck or belt.

32 in 1 - set includes: wire saw approx. 60 cm long, tactical folding knife with string cutter and glass breaker, kubotan tactical pen, survival card 11 in 1, flint with magnesium rod and striking plate with cm meter and bottle opener, flashlight - on AA battery (battery not included), thermal blanket 130x210 cm, lockable container, bottle holder on the belt, paracord bracelet - approx. 350 cm of paracord with compass, whistle and flint - all in the form of a strip, silicone lure 2 pcs + fishing line + 2 hooks, accessories - spoon with fork and bottle opener + knife, collapsible smoke tube, fire cable 2 pcs, hook for connecting 2 pcs. A large set that allows you to survive and stay outdoors.

UNIVERSAL APPLICATION - the set will be perfect for different types of trips: tourist, survival, on military training grounds or camps.
GIFT IDEA - if one of your relatives or friends is interested in expeditions, OUR SET will be great, and most importantly - a hit gift! Everything he needs is in one place, and you will contribute to making his trips safe and efficient.

package dimensions: 18/5/8cm
weight: 0.666 kg
weight in package: 0.682 kg

-Wire saw about 60 cm
- folding tactical knife with saw, string cutter and glass breaker
- kubotan tactical pen
-survival card 11in1
- flint with magnesium rod and impact plate with cm scale and bottle opener
-lamp - powered by AA battery (battery not included)
- thermal blanket 130x210 cm
-lockable storage container
- belt holder for bottles
-paracord bracelet - approx. 350 cm of paracord rope with compass, whistle and flint for kindling
-silicone lure 2 pcs + string + 2 hooks
-multifunctional spoon with fork and bottle opener + knife
- collapsible smoke pipe
- twine for kindling 2 pcs
- carabiner 2 pcs


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