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SURVIVAL KIT WHY DO YOU NEED A SURVIVAL KIT? You never know when you might find yourself in an unexpected emergency. Whether in the wilderness or in the car, or while hiking, camping, an emergency kit can be helpful with a military knife, compass, whistle, rescue blanket and other necessary items.

long tinder,
tactical pen - kubotan,
2x paracord bracelet (including compass, tinder and alarm whistle),
2x carabiner,
LED flashlight,
small signal LED lamp,
large folding knife,
survival map multi-tool,
folding compass,
2x thermal blanket,
bottle holder,
saw rope,
Camouflage NAVY bag.

DESCRIPTION: Performance: Nylon bag: 165x105x50 mm, compact enough to fit in a car or backpack, or on a belt, and inside there is a protective layer that keeps everything in place.
Practical folding knife with belt clip with glass breaker and belt cutter. Improved compass: A new type of compass is more accurate and easier to hang. Extra Rescue Blanket: Durable, compact structure, waterproof and windproof, can keep your body temperature above 90% to avoid hypothermia or shock. Thermal tactical pen: Made of tungsten steel. For ultimate strength and mobility, it helps - break the window/glass and escape in an emergency.
Tactical Flashlight: Zoomable, durable, compact handheld flashlight, zoom in for an intense beam of light or zoom out for wider illumination. 3 lighting modes such as High/Low/Strobe. Thanks to the extremely bright LED light and the ability to work for several hours on one AA battery (not included). Contents: 1.1 Long Flint, 2. Tactical Pen, 3.2x Paracord Bracelet (Includes Compass, Stamp and Alarm Whistle), 4.2x Carabiner, 5. Whistle, 6. LED Flashlight, 7. Small LED Signal Light .


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