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This survival set is perfect for travel or as a gift.
A survival kit will help you survive in the forest and in the mountains, but it can also be useful during ordinary holidays
A unique set for the whole family or group of friends with a first aid kit.
The kit will help you survive in the forest and the mountain, but it can also be useful on an ordinary vacation.
It is light in weight and does not take up much space. You can always have it with you in your backpack or in your car locker.
The necessary survival kit will be helpful in any emergency.

Set of contents and functions:

1) Plastic box tightly closed
2)Paracord bracelet with watch (flint, compass, flint, fire starter, hidden blade and alarm whistle) the bracelet(strap) is in 4 get the one that comes in the package (camouflage, black, white red)
3)Paracord bracelet with LED signal light, fire starter, fire starter, compass, alarm whistle and fully adjustable
4) Multipurpose tool with functions:
Can opener
bottle opener
Socket wrench
serrated knife
scraper fish
5) 2 x solid metal carabiner with lock
6)Professional folding blade military knife with glass breaker, belt cutter and belt clip
7) Professional tactical pen with a glass breaker (kubaton)
8) Powerful LED flashlight with clip for fastening, 3 lighting modes, adjustment of light beam (batteries are not included in the set, finger type)
9) Magnesium tinder lighter
10) Water bottle clip
11) Wire saw
12) Thermal blanket
13) Professional emergency whistle (120 decibels)
14) 2 safety pins
15) 2 hooks
16) 2 baits
17) Small LED lamp (batteries included)
18) Survival card with features:
Material: stainless steel
Folded dimensions: approx. 8.5 cm x approx. 5.3 cm
flat screwdriver
bottle opener
tape measure in centimeters
tape measure in inches
flat screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
package opening knife
socket wrench (3 sizes)
lifeline (length approx. 105 cm)

Box dimensions: H: 20 cm x W 12 cm x L: 7 cm
Weight of the set: 0.71 kg


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