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Hand Lamp P70 LED 4500lm

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LED LAMP P70 4500 Lumens
The lamp is durable, it is made of aluminum, which makes it very strong and durable. The lamp can be used in the rain. The switch is attached with solid rubber, and O-rings protect the device from liquid ingress. The lamp is charged via a USB charger, just connect it to the charger of, for example, a mobile phone.
- 3 LIGHTING MODES - The LED lamp has 3 lighting modes to choose from, thanks to which you can easily adapt it to your current needs. The device has a powerful LED bulb and is powered by 2 rechargeable batteries, in addition it has a charging cable for the USB port.
-POWERFUL P70 FILAMENT LED – the strong light lamp has a very bright long reflector, uses a modern XH-P70 diode, which can be powered by various types of batteries, eg alkaline, rechargeable or lithium cells. Its power is up to 4500 lumens.

The set is in a professional box that will protect the lamp and its accessories during transport, travel or storage. Comes with charging cable.

- material: aluminum
-diode P70
-3 lighting modes
-length of light strip: 500m
-2 x battery: 6800mAh rechargeable
- power: 4500 lumens
-dimensions: 25 cm x 6 cm
- weight: 0.504 kg
- weight in package: 0.700 kg


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