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Roman Gladius of Julius Caesar 71cm

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Exclusive Roman Gladius sword of detailed craftsmanship by Marto Toledo

Roman Gladius, bronze color

Julius Caesar, Gaius Julius Caesar (101 BC – 44 BC) was the greatest soldier and political leader of the ancient Roma. During his lifetime the frontiers of the empire were pushed forward and secured; Rome was transformed from a republic into a government with one ruler, and Caesar was its first dictator. He wrote some of the best historical works in Latin, describing the campaigns he led in Gaul and the civil wars; he was an architect, mathematician and one of the ancient world orators. There is no doubt that Caesar was ambitious and enjoyed the great power that was in his hands. Rumor has it that he wanted to be crowned king. This was the reason the conspirators led by Cassius and Brutus gave for his murder: Caesar had become too powerful and dangerous for the survival of the Republic.

- Blade material: stainless steel
- Total length: approx. 71 cm
- Blade length: approx. 50 cm
- Weight: approx. 1.5 kg


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