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Roman dagger 38cm

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Exclusive Roman dagger of detailed manufacture by Marto Toledo

Hardened stainless steel knife.  

Length: 38 cm

Weight: 900 gr

It is known that the Romans borrowed ideas about the weapons of their enemies. At first they used Etruscan and Greek style weapons or, when they faced the Celts, adopted their equipment. To defeat the Carthaginians, he built a fleet modeled after the Carthaginians. Once the weapon was adopted it was standard. Weapons changed throughout the history of Rome, although their equipment and their use were never individual. Almost all Roman swords and daggers were double-edged and could be used for both slashing and threading. Pugio was a small dagger that ancient Roman soldiers used perhaps as an auxiliary weapon. Like other equipment of legionnaires, the dagger underwent a series of changes throughout the first century. It generally had a long and leaf-shaped blade, between 18 and 28 centimeters long and over 5 centimeters or more wide.


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