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Roman Helmet of the Praetorian Guard

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Brass and Leather Praetorian Guard Helmet
The Praetorian Guard (Praetoriani) was the body guard of the Roman emperors. The title was already used during the Roman Republic for the guard of Roman generals.

Unfortunately, there are no original finds of the helmet. This version is modeled after one of the many traditional drawings of Roman stone reliefs.
This helmet is made of brass and is truly a centerpiece due to its rich ornamentation. Features two brass cheek pads, red horsehair plume and adjustable leather lining

- Material: approx. 1 mm thick brass, horse hair and leather lining
- Size for head circumference up to 64 cm
- Size (back to front): approx. 23.5 cm
- Size (from ear to ear): approx. 19 cm
- Weight: approx. 2.65 kg


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