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Master Cutlery

Master Cutlery Odachi

SKU: MC-SW-264

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Handmade, decorative replica of a Japanese Odachi sword. It comes with a wooden cover
Odachi is a type of Japanese sword, the blade of which was no less than 90 cm long. It was used sporadically due to the difficulty in making such a long blade, which made it very expensive. The possession of such a sword was an indication of the owner's high wealth.
Odachi were used for various purposes. In addition to its typical combat purpose - for the fight of infantry against cavalry, it was used, among other things, as a gift to temples, or as a symbol of the army - the equivalent of a flag.
Hand-forged from carbon steel, the heavy head with applied delicate engraving - an imitation of hardened lines - hamon adds realism to the replica.

The handle is made of wood and coated with ravim Same (imitation of rye leather). The Tsuba (shield handle), Kashira (handle cap) and Menuki (decorative detail under the braid) decorations made of metal parts attract attention. Full thang.

Blade length: 1270 mm
Grain thickness: 8 mm
Blade width: 33 mm
Steel: carbon
Handle: wood/braid
Hammer: wood
Total length: 1690 mm
Weight: 1800 g


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