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Merlin sword Merlin sword 120cm

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Merlin, meaning FALCON, when the beautiful Lady of the Lake gave birth to him, the great druid Hafgan, from whom Merlin was to learn all his magic, announced the birth of the Great Lord of Light. His grandfather taught him to be a great warrior and tireless defender of the Empire. He became Merlin, a warrior-druid, a loyal advisor to Uther, the supreme ruler of Britain. After Uther's death without any legitimate heir, Merlin drove his sword Excalibur into solid rock and gave his people a message: Seek a sign: he who draws his sword from the rock will be the rightful king of all England. Merlin then became a tutor to Uther's bastard son Arthur, teaching him all the tricks of a good ruler and hiding him until it was time for Excalibur to be pulled from the stone and claim his title as King of England. After peace and harmony reigned in Britain, Merlin retired to his abode. Now you can continue to rule without my advice, continue to rule fairly and the future will speak of you.

Fantasy sword Merlin, the magician - has a hardened steel blade of a very specific shape, decorated on the upper part with a metal plate depicting a wizard's head. The silver-plated cast metal handle is decorated with numerous symbolic figures in relief and surmounted by a metal ball.

Total length: 120 cm

Blade: hardened stainless steel AISI 440.

Handle: silver plated

The certificate comes with a sword of origin and quality, made in Toledo. In one of the best and most famous armor and sword workshops in the world.


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