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Tags: antik,  KATANA

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This is an original KATANA from Japan, comes with a nice KOSHIRAE.

Made by TADAKUNI. The katana fits the koshirae perfectly. The blade is very well forged and has a beautiful hamon. The condition of the blade is very good! The authenticity of this sword is confirmed by the NBTHK certificate issued by the most prestigious organization in Japan. NBTHK certificate (original) comes with this katana.

Mei: There are a few low-vision letters on the Nakago tango. Despite the illegibility of the lettering, the NBTHK certificate confirms that the sword was made by 信濃大掾忠 (pronounced "Shinano Daijo Tadakuni" and means "Tadakuni in Shinano Province"), active around the Joukyou era (1684-1687).

Material of sugata: Shinogi-zukuri

Mune: Iori-mune

Kitae hada: Itame hada

Hamon line of temperament Gunoma Choji

Boushi: Ko-maru

Nakago tang: Kiri (Suriage)

Yasuri-ja: Kiri Mekugi hole: two

Habaki: one-piece silver-plated copper


Length of cutting edge (blade) : 64.1 cm

Moto-haba: 30 mm

Saki-haba: 21 mm

Moto-gas: 7.5 mm

Saki-gasan: 5 mm

Sori 3 mm

Kissaki point: 30 mm

Length of Nakago thong: 21.7 cm

Nakago hole: 2.8 * 0.9 cm

Equipment for koshirae: 100 cm

WEIGHT (approximate):

Bare blade: 760 g

When it stops in Koshirae: 1,330 g


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