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Katana Carbon 1060 DragonCut glbl-8

SKU: glbl-8

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The katana is forged from high carbon steel. The handle consists of two pieces of Japanese magnolia hardwood with rye leather. The blade is forged from 1060 steel and heat treated. type: Maru. Tsuba is light and beautifully made with a dragon motif. Hand sharpened with a beautiful hamon. The handle is covered by a tsuka-ito made of ray skin and cotton. Katana suitable for iaido, kendo, battodo, kenjutsu and ninjutsu exercises, also perfect for decoration.

The katana is intended for kata exercises and cutting exercises (plastic water bottles, fruit, vegetables, ice...)

- Well balanced

Total length: 103 cm

Blade length: 73 cm

Length of handle (tsuka): 27 cm


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