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John Lee

John Lee Katana Saigo Takamori

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- Sharpened blade.
- The handle (tsuka) is made of wood and covered with real raga leather. (same)
- The handle is wrapped (tsuka-ito) with traditional black cotton.
- There are two decorative grips (menuki).
- The handle (tsuka) is attached to the blade with bamboo needles (mekugi).
- The scabbard (saya) is made of wood.
- The blade has a brass collar (habaki) so that it does not rattle in the scabbard.
- The design follows the museum originals.

JOHN LEE Katana Saigo Takamori
Saigo Takamori, the last samurai, broke the long samurai tradition in 1877. He did not want to accept a political situation that completely eradicated the samurai and launched an armed uprising against the military arm of the new government. However, the military used modern firearms and the samurai never stood a chance.

Each sword is delivered with a seal of authenticity. There is also a cloth cover and collector's box, as well as a care set and lacquered stand.

- Blade material: carbon steel
- Total length: approx. 101 cm
- Blade length: approx. 73 cm
- Handle length: approx. 27.5 cm
- Blade curve (sori): approx. 18 mm
- Weight without cover: approx. 1 kg
- Weight with cover: approx. 1.25 kg


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