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Jintachi Black Tachi


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Tachi (katana) swords were created for use while riding, and its construction allowed the sword to be quickly drawn during an enemy attack. Tachi was introduced before the katana and was the battle sword of the feudal class of Japanese warriors.

Tachi stands out with its refined appearance. Functional and sharp. Typical features (Tsuba, Menuki, Fuchi and Kashira) follow historical examples. It consists of inserts and two-tone high-class Sageo cotton.

Carbon steel blade 1045, sharp
Length with cover: about 104 cm
Blade length: about 70 cm
Handle length: about 28 cm
Length of the cover: about 76 cm
Thickness of the blade on the handle: about 7 mm
Blade width: about 3.1 cm
Weight with cover: about 1.54 kg
Blade weight: about 1 kg


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