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Honshu Boshin Damascus Katana


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Honshu Boshin Damascus Katana

The Honshu Boshin Damascus Katana blends tradition and innovation into a masterpiece of modern sword design. The Boshin is by no means an ordinary katana. Here, traditional decorations have been replaced with modern, contemporary elements, resulting in an innovative, thoroughly modern weapon.

The 30-inch Damascus steel blade has been folded over 800 times, giving it unparalleled sharpness and strength. The handle is wrapped in textured thermoplastic rubber (TPR) for an ergonomic grip that's paired with a classic combination of air leather and unreachable rope. It ends in a large polished steel tip, and the faceplate is stripped of ornate details in favor of a purposeful, tapering ellipse shape.

In the spirit of clear, functional sword design, the simple TPR scabbard impresses with its simple elegance. Even compared to more expensive swords, the extremely affordable Honshu Boshin Katana outshines the competition. There's something zen about handling it, so get yours now and see for yourself!

- Blade material: Damascus steel
- Handle material: thermoplastic elastomer (TPR)
- Total length: approx. 103 cm
- Blade length: approx. 76 cm
- Weight: about 1260g


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