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Long Roman sword Spatha 2nd century

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From the end of the 2nd century, the long Roman spatha gradually began to replace the shorter gladius. In the 3rd century, it had already become the standard weapon of the imperial Roman legionnaires and auxiliary soldiers, and was often used by gladiators as well. The exact origins of the spath, as well as the reasons why it so quickly replaced the effective gladius that was much feared during the middle to late Roman Empire, are still debated among historians and ancient Roman enthusiasts to this day. Although it is commonly believed that spathae are of Celtic origin and owe their rapid popularity to changes in combat techniques and military tactics in the Roman infantry and cavalry, the lack of reliable sources on the subject unfortunately often leads to speculation and oversimplification. a much more complex reality.

This spatha is not a one-to-one replica of an actual historical piece, but a reconstruction based on original finds from the end of the 2nd century. now kept in the Limesmuseum in Aalen, southwest Germany.
The long, double-edged blade of the Roman longsword offered here is forged from EN45 spring steel (not hardened). The edges are not sharpened and the full tip of the blade is attached to the tip (brass top nut). The handle with a semicircular guard and tip is entirely made of wood.

This Roman one-handed sword comes complete with a brown wood and leather scabbard with a brass neck, cap and hanging loop (max belt width 5.6cm). The most distinctive feature of this wrapper is obviously the decorative, oversized circular panel used as a finishing piece.

Note that this sword is not a battle ready weapon. It is designed as a collector's or decorative/display piece and is not suitable for combat reenactments. In addition to its quality as a collector's item, it is also perfectly suited as a prop, eg to complete your costume.

- Material: EN45 spring steel blade (high carbon steel, not stainless), wooden handle
- Total length: approx. 100.6 cm (with cover approx. 105 cm)
- Blade length: approx. 82.6 cm
- Blade thickness: approx. 4.5 mm / 2.6 mm (cutting edges approx. 1 mm)
- Handle length: approx. 18 cm (grip about 9.5 cm)
- Max. blade width: approx. 4.5 cm
- Balance point: approx. 27 cm from the guard
- Incl. wooden scabbard with genuine leather cover and brass hardware
- Width of the sheath at the mouth: approx. 7 cm
- Width of the sheath before the cap: approx. 4.5 cm
- Diameter of the cover disc: approx. 11 cm
- Weight without cover: approx. 0.9 kg
- Weight with cover: approx. 1.45 kg


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