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Damascus Hellfire RedBlade Katana

SKU: MTR-026

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The folded copper-colored steel katana draws on Japanese folklore, making this blade both stunning and functional. The hand-forged katana is made of high-carbon Damascus steel with a striking copper tone and filler. Tsuba features a Japanese demon motif on one side with cherry blossoms on the back with gold and silver highlights. Tsuka is wood wrapped in black cloth and authentic ragi leather. The hilt of this samurai sword is wood with black lacquer and black sage.
The model is suitable for kata exercises and light cutting strength training. Among other things, you can cut: plastic bottles, ice cubes,...

Fully functional, detachable
Length 103 cm
weight: 1.2 kg
Made of high carbon Damascus steel
Features a copper tone blade
The genuine leather handle is wrapped with a black cord
Zinc alloy tsuba


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