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Cold Steel

Cold Steel Bokken practice sword


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Bokken, polypropylene training sword. The Cold Steel line of practice bokens are made from the heaviest polypropylene available and are very similar to their real counterparts in length, size and feel. Although they are not as strong as wood, they have the winning advantage of being virtually unbreakable, extremely strong and resistant to cuts.

Cold Steel's Japanese practice swords are closely modeled after the world famous Warrior Series swords. Their broad blades mimic the flowing lines of Warrior swords, but because they're made from super-tough polypropylene, with no sharp edges or points, they're perfect for sparring with armor, training, conditioning and ball work. Each model also features intricately detailed imitation cable sheathing, offering superior control even when wearing heavy gloves. These swords offer the ultimate in heavy-duty training potential for the modern martial artist.

- Bokken Cold Steel
- Material: polypropylene
- Total length: approx. 105.4 cm
- Blade length: approx. 76.2 cm
- Blade thickness: approx. 25 cm
- Handle length: approx. 29.2 cm
- Weight: approx. 564 g


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