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Whetstone for sharpening 2000/5000

SKU: MW0205

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Double-sided, ceramic sandpaper with grits of 2000 and 5000. The sanding surface is 18 cm by 6 cm.

- Gradation 2000 is used for polishing and giving final cuts.
- Gradation 5000 is used for precise polishing.

The set contains a stand that prevents the sandpaper from sliding during operation.
Instructions for use: Soak the stone in water or use sharpening oil. Place the sander on a flat surface. To sharpen the knife, run it over the stone (with light pressure) several times, first on one side of the knife, then on the other. When sharpening the knife, try to maintain the proper angle of the knife (15°-30°).

Gradation: 2000/5000
Dimensions: 180 x 60 x 30 mm
Weight: 567 g


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