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Master Cutlery

Bokken Daisho set katana and wakizashi


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A bokken (boken) is a wooden practice sword, usually made of a hard type of wood. Its shape and dimensions correspond to the traditional Japanese sword, so that it can be replaced in training and exercises. The term bokken is derived from the Japanese words boku - tree and ken - sword, also called bokuto.

Boken of firewood for exercise, training.
The package includes a wooden katana, a wooden wakizashi and a wooden stand
Master Cutlery exercise wood side with carved dragon.
Models well balanced and durable for training
Knitted handle for better grip
-Bokken Katana
Total length ): approximately 101 cm
weight about 400g
-Bokken Wakizashi Total length ): approximately 76.20 cm
- Stand (Height: 23 cm, Length: 29 cm)


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