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Battlecry Maldon Viking Sword

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Battlecry Maldon Viking Sword - Viking sword

The Maldon Viking from the Battlecry collection is a light, nimble and durable blade that reflects what made this style a fearsome and almost legendary weapon. Created to fight with shields, armor and thick leather armor, it matched every hand weapon of its time. The semi-circular tip could powerfully penetrate the target without snagging, while the well-honed edge, neither too wide nor too narrow, allowed for a wide range of single-handed combo shots. The handle with a pronounced tip gave the user a firm grip and provided a quick pivot point that was easy to manipulate for versatile actions. His ability to deliver quick blows with one hand made him ideal for shield combat, but also very effective in combination with a saxophone or even a hand axe.

With its unique shadowy hue, it's easy to imagine a blade like Maldon's being deliberately darkened for a skirmish on a northern night. It is easy to see why this style was so feared and why it was so influential. Includes matching scabbard with belt loops and a certificate of authenticity signed by every blacksmith who touched your blade at every step of the forging process. The blade is sharpened.

- Blade material: 1065 high carbon steel
- Total length: approx. 92.7 cm
- Blade length: approx. 77.8 cm
- Blade width: approx. 4.7 cm
- Weight: about 1080g


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