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Battlecry Bosworth Longsword European longsword

SKU: 501505

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Tags: MAČEVI,  povijesni

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Battlecry Bosworth Longsword - hand forged
This medieval Bosworth longsword is from the Windlass Steelcrafts Battlecry collection. Designed specifically for use and made from 1065 high carbon steel with a battle hardened blackened finish, extra wide tip and hardened to 50s RC. This pre-sharpened blade has undergone rigorous testing. The hands-on nature of the master blacksmith's production makes this line unique. Includes leather holster and matching scabbard with strap stop, custom packaging

It comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by every blacksmith who touched your blade at every step of the forging process.

Aptly named after a bloody battle in the late 15th century during the Wars of the Roses, the Bosworth is a fast and capable war sword adept at performing the deadly "Mastercut" techniques so closely associated with the two-handed blades of the period. With a thin handle that almost begs to be held in the various and efficient winding actions that this type of sword ideally allows, it weighs surprisingly little for its size. This ebony "queen of arms" is perfectly suited for foot combat in war, judicial duels or knightly challenges. This is a substantial and graceful weapon that will leave the owner with all the confidence to readily defend life if called upon. Discover with him why this form of longsword has been revered and celebrated for centuries against everything it has come across..

- Material: hardened 1065 high carbon steel
- Total length: approx. 120.0 cm
- Blade length: approx. 91.0 cm
- Weight: approx. 1600
- Incl. leather scabbard with steel armor and brass clasps
- make and model: Windlass 501505


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